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The Evolution of Branding

The Evolution of Branding

October 01, 2020

As the digital world evolves so should branding. By regularly researching trends and how best to portray your brand, your business will remain relevant and appealing to your target market.

The digital era has changed branding in many ways. Online advertising and marketing are now primary tools for many businesses to share their stories with customers and build their brand. However, there is also much more competition out there and it can be hard for a company to build a compelling, standout brand identity.

Businesses that adapt the fastest to the changing digital landscape are more likely to thrive. If you want to stay ahead of the branding game, keep reading for a comprehensive guide.


Social media has made it possible to talk directly with the brands that we use every day. The audience can challenge, ask questions and develop a truer picture of the company. There are no more “gatekeepers” that have control over who speaks and what is being said. Thanks to social media, you don’t need a huge budget as a brand for your message to be heard.

The Audience

Audiences are now tech-savvy and can quickly determine what content is a paid ad and what isn’t. Branding has changed from selling a product to selling values and beliefs. Most brands have moved on from purely descriptive content to more interactive, information-based and more versatile content.

Do you want to market a product or service? It's important to get other people talking about it. Customers know what they want and we can assure you, it’s not generic, promotional ads. You should instead be proactive in measuring what types of content appeal to your target audience. For example, perhaps video content performs best on your social media accounts, and therefore you should use this more frequently in new creative ways.

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