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Boosting Your Website to Rank at Number 1

Boosting Your Website to Rank at Number 1

October 01, 2020

We believe that good Web design delivers perfect functionality inside a beautiful package. We strive to marry innovative creativity, together with cutting-edge business performance. Creating impactful web design doesn’t happen accidentally, it takes expert skill and experience to deliver a truly top class website.

Web design is much more than just appearance and functionality, SEO rankings and brand perception. Great web design can leave a consumer with a lasting impression of your business, every effort must be spent to ensure that lasting impression is a good one, or else they will not return and not be referring you to anyone else.

The likelihood of enticing new customers to your site rises if your site has exceptional usability and is intuitive. The commercial performance of your website is directly correlated with how effective your website is in conveying its message.

There are several key factors which contribute to making an effective web design. Layout, visual appearance, colour, fonts, navigation, content and adaptability to different devices are all essential ingredients. So how do you create a website with a professional web design?

Content - A good web design not only has good aesthetics but also great content. Using compelling and persuasive language can give a customer an eagerness to find out more - The more intrigued a customer is, the likelier you are to make a sale. Making use of headlines and bullet points instead of long paragraphs ensures content is readable and well structured.

Usability - This is the key to retaining visitors to your website. A website that’s not easy to navigate leaves a user confused and unsure as to how to navigate where they need to go. Enforcing the "three-click-rule" helps a visitor get what they want within just three clicks.

Loading time - A website is considered successful if it loads within two seconds. Anything more than this can be very off-putting to a customer and cause them to leave prematurely. Optimising images, videos and audio can reduce the loading time.

Keep it simple - A minimalist website should only have the elements that are absolutely necessary to achieve the fundamental goal of the website. To consider here is the user experience, and consistency within web design is very important.

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